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Ultimate Insomnia Treatment - Natural Remedy to Cure all Types, Symptoms & Causes

When you are experiencing insomnia, what you need is a sleep aid that’s fast acting and safe. Something which allows you to get restful sleep on your own terms, without restrictions and worrying about overdose or side effects.

With SleepLiveWell’s custom meditations for insomnia, you can induce restful sleep in minutes. Our meditations combine the best elements of mindfulness and yoga. So you fall asleep quickly no matter the type, cause, or symptom fueling your insomnia.

So what is Insomnia?

Insomnia is defined as difficulty falling asleep, problems staying asleep, or having disrupted sleep that lasts for more than three months. Many people who have periodic shorter bouts of sleeplessness, may still suffer from many of insomnia’s most severe symptoms.

Insomnia symptoms and signs

The symptoms of insomnia include waking up tired and daytime sleepiness, fatigue, brain fog, or irritability. These symptoms can make life difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At SleepLivewell, we believe you deserve better sleep, and to get more from life.

Insomnia Causes and Types

Commonly, insomnia is caused by an inability to stop thinking, and nighttime anxiety about not being able to sleep. This is known as primary insomnia.

On the other hand, insomnia can also be caused by external stressors, mental health issues, pain, and discomfort. This is known as secondary insomnia.

Regardless of the type, insomnia is often worsened by poor sleep hygiene. These include binge eating, drinking, smoking, or melatonin pills that disrupt the wake-sleep cycle.

The key insight is that insomnia is driven by so many factors, that one-size fits all sleep aid doesn’t work for most people. What’s needed is a solution tailored to the individual’s sleep needs.

This One Thing is Common for All Insomnia Types

Regardless of its types or cause, all insomniacs have one thing in common: hyperarousal state. The stress response that puts your body in fight or flight mode. It keeps your heart rate, metabolic level, and body temperature elevated, making sleep impossible.

Surprising Insights from the Science of Embodied Mind

To tune meditations for all types, causes, and symptoms of insomnia, we turned to the latest advances in brain science.

SleepLiveWell created Embodied Mindfulness, an evidence-based approach to unify the latest brain research with wisdom from ancient practices, like mindfulness and yoga.

This approach lets us create fine-tuned meditation techniques for better sleep. With these meditation techniques, you can now do things that until recently were not possible.

You can calm down your brain, alter negative thoughts, and dim awareness. You can slow the heart rate, increase heart rate variability, and reduce blood pressure. Additionally, you can reduce stress hormones and boost the production of sleep hormones.

SleepLiveWell’s Custom Guided Meditations - The Ultimate Insomnia Treatment

Normally, it would take a lifetime to master such advanced meditation skills.

SleepLiveWell has made this simple for you. We’ve created guided meditations that provide a simple step by step audio instructions. So you can effortlessly follow along and fall asleep.

The best part is that each sleep meditation is customized to your specific insomnia type, causes, and symptoms.

When you are ready to sleep, just create and play your sleep meditation.

Soothe the stress, anxiety, or pain keeping you awake. Cultivate the inner conditions to induce deep sleep within minutes.

Now, you can sleep like a guru even if you’ve never meditated before.

It’s fast, safe, and easy.

Get better sleep. Wake up to more joy, focus and energy, and live life to its fullest.

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